Mark S. Davis, M.D. is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist who became concerned about his own personal safety following a deep scalpel cut during surgery in 1990. These were his thoughts at that time:
"My potential exposure to HIV and other bloodborne pathogens had become frightening. Suturing injuries were a fairly common occurrence for me and my co-workers. I considered myself fortunate not to have acquired HIV or hepatitis C to that point in my surgical career.
"I have met and known physicians and nurses who were not so fortunate. Since I plan to practice another ten or fifteen years, I will develop a strategy which will hopefully protect me and my coworkers from sharps injury and exposure to blood in the future."
Realizing that Universal Precautions did not prevent sharps injuries, Dr. Davis researched and developed a set of what he termed Advanced Precautions, a term reflected in the title of his book. First, he eliminated the use of sharps, where possible (primary prevention). Where this was not possible, he chose to use safer sharps (secondary prevention) and safer work practices. As these strategies proved successful, he adopted them into his daily routine in the OR and delivery room.
"It is this knowledge that I wish to share through my writing, speaking and consulting."
Sweinbinder Publications, LLC is a publishing company formed to distribute the educational resources developed by Dr. Davis. These include three "must-have" OR safety and OSHA compliance resources:
The safety handbook for all practitioners and students of invasive procedures: Advanced Precautions for today's OR; The Operating Room Professional's Handbook for the Prevention of Sharps Injuries and Bloodborne Exposures by Mark Davis, MD, FACOG, Foreword by Julie Gerberding, MD, MPH Soft cover, 160 pages. Second Edition 2001, ISBN 0-9664873-6-2. ordering info
The safety video Stuck in Surgery; Sharps Safety in Today's OR A new 17 minute video for 2002 hospital-wide sharps safety education and OSHA compliance in the OR. Useful for all staff in the OR, Labor & Delivery, Emergency Department & Trauma Center. Produced by surgeon and safety / infection control consultant, Mark Davis, MD. Every hospital and surgery center should have this video. ordering info
The safety posters (set of ten)
Informational and motivational daily reminders to post in the OR and L & D. New and revised for 2002 OSHA compliance; an essential risk awareness and educational tool. Printed on 8&1/2 X 11-inch heavy stock in assorted neon colors for maximum impact. Suitable for framing or laminating. ordering info
Hospitals across the country use these three resources in combination to elevate risk perception and the adoption of effective injury prevention strategies throughout their facilities.